Application of artificial intelligence DAVIS, in your practice. With DAVIS, recognition of cephalometric points and soft tissues are identified on the Ceph image automatically within seconds. Exceptional time savings for optimal analysis results. Several available analyzes can be applied (AMCI / AMCII / Downs / Jarabak / Jefferson / Ricketts / Steiner / Etc...). Customization of analysis methods is also possible.

Simple and Quick Analysis

A summary table will show us the movements applied and the analysis results depending on the method used.

Simple Model Analysis

Measure just one tooth. EzOrtho automatically calculates the length of the remaining teeth and instantly provides the results of the four model analyses.


1. Measure Nlesial and Distal points of a tooth for calibration

2. Enter the physically measured length

3. EzOrtho automatically calculates the length by dots on Idesial and Distal of the remaining teeth and provides the model analysis results.

* Arch length discrepancy is a key deciding factor of tooth extraction

3D Photo Simulation

Morphing & Comparing the facial features can be a useful patient consultation tool for all patients and it can be created at any point during the orthodontic treatment.

3D Photo Generation
Morphing & Comparing
Consult Premium

Supplementing verbal communication with animations helps the patient better understand the treatment process, resulting in a more effective consultation.


1. Make the most out of a consultation session

2. 244 animations of various dental treatments

3. Add user-created consultation contents

* With 244 animated videos explaining clinical treatments for various diagnostic fields, including 22 videos for orthodontic treatment.

Appointment Management

Manage in-clinic reservation status by day, week and month


1. Appointment Schedule

Manage schedule for each dentist

2. Work Scheduling for Clinic

Register and manage Clinic’s schedule such as purchasing date of consumable items

3. Private Scheduling for Clinicians

Register and manage private schedule for a clinicianin case of a dentist see patients in multiple clinics

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